We assess trends in energy consumption a nd provide insight on markets that maximize program impacts. We have captured 248 aMW of Momentum Savings for BPA's territory for 2010-2015.

Tracking Market Momentum

For us, it began with Momentum Savings (formerly “non-programmatic savings”). Since 2009, BPA has performed market research to quantify Momentum Savings, which are defined as all the energy efficiency occurring above the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Power Plan baseline that are not directly reported by utilities and not part of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s Net Market Effects.

Accounting for one-third of BPA’s regional energy savings goals in the EE Plan for 2016-2021, Momentum Savings are a significant portion of BPA’s total resource portfolio. To date, BPA has captured regional Momentum Savings from the residential and non-residential lighting markets, residential HVAC, and federal appliance standards.

Measuring the EE Power Resource

Quantifying Momentum Savings is more than meeting the energy-efficiency target. BPA is trying to understand how energy efficiency is changing the power grid. Through its research, the team collects rich information on how much energy efficiency is happening in the total market, which is used by BPA and the Council to help plan for future generation and capacity needs. Additionally, BPA’s research gathers invaluable market intelligence on how the market works to inform our market models.

Supporting Research

In addition to the core markets we study to quantify Momentum Savings, BPA has sponsored numerous research studies including a Scientific Irrigation Scheduling current practice baseline study, a study of national and regional key accounts, and a study of the opportunities for efficiency in the agriculture irrigation market.