Boardman to Hemingway (B2H) Transmission with Transfer Service


On January 18, 2022, BPA signed a non-binding term sheet that clarified and updated BPA’s role in Idaho Power’s and PacifiCorp’s proposed Boardman to Hemingway transmission line from Boardman, Oregon, to Hemingway, Idaho. This proposal, referred to as B2H with Transfer Service, would allow BPA to reliably and cost-effectively meet firm power service obligations to southeast Idaho customers by acquiring transmission service from Idaho Power rather than becoming a part owner in the B2H line as previously considered.  BPA released a letter to the region on January 18, 2022 describing the history of BPA’s service to the southeast Idaho customers, the B2H negotiations, and providing an overview of the B2H with Transfer Service terms reflected in the nonbinding term sheet.      

BPA, Idaho Power, and PacifiCorp have finalized the terms for the agreements associated with B2H with Transfer Service.  BPA is proposing to execute the agreements and is holding a public process before making a final decision.  On January 9, 2023, BPA released a letter to region describing the agreements that BPA proposes to execute, the business case for B2H with Transfer Service, and details for the public process, with comments on the proposal due from stakeholders by February 9, 2023.  BPA’s final decision and response to stakeholder comments will be in a Closeout Letter issued on or around March 23, 2023.



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