The current solution, IS 2.0, comprises multiple systems that lack available data visibility to our utility customers, only supports limited workflows, and requires a significant amount of cross-system integrations that are challenging to manage. Also, the technology behind IS 2.0 is no longer supported, so the system must be retired.

BEETS will improve BPA’s energy-efficiency invoicing and reporting process by providing a(n):

  • Improved user experience that is work-center focused.
  • Centralized data located in one system with consistent terminology.
  • Individualized settings and visual management.
  • Organized suite of measure offerings with clear requirements for supporting documentation.
  • Automated workflows and verification checks for real-time program updates.
  • Visual dashboard with visibility into application progress, budget and payments.
  • Ability to invoice at utility’s convenience.
  • Self-serve and enhanced reporting in real-time.
  • On-demand, cloud-based solution that is easier to update and configure.

Current project status

The project is on track to go-live by the end of calendar 2022. Below are some details on the project. If you have questions please contact your energy efficiency representative
  • Overall, BPA’s Energy Efficiency staff is deeply involved in the design and testing of the new system.
  • BEETS is in the Execution Phase consisting of configuration, development and testing.
  • Development of BEETS’ eleven system programs (e.g. Unit Energy Savings, Option 1 Custom Projects) and eight functional areas (e.g dashboards, invoicing, etc.) continues.
  • For customer feedback throughout the project, BPA created a focus group comprised of ten customer utilities.

Who implements BEETS?

BPA is working with Applied Energy Group, or AEG, to configure a cloud-based software solution called VisionDSM. AEG is an East Coast-based company, specializing in energy-efficiency consulting and has implemented energy-efficiency software solutions nationwide.

What is changing

BEETS changes

What this means for you

No action is requested of you now; we wanted you to be aware of what’s ahead. More detailed information about what’s changing, what it means for you, and support and training details will be released here later this year.

Questions? Please email or contact your energy efficiency representative.