BPA’s current EE Reporting solution, IS 2.0, must be retired as the technology behind it is no longer supported.  Additionally, IS 2.0 lacks data visibility for utility customers, has limited workflow capability, and requires a significant amount of cross-system integrations that are challenging to manage.

The new replacement system, BEETS, will be released in fall 2022 and will improve BPA’s energy-efficiency invoicing and reporting processes by providing:

  • Automated workflows and data verification checks to help expedite processing
  • Self-service, on demand reporting for customers
  • Visual dashboards with visibility into application progress, budget and payments
  • Ability to invoice at utility’s convenience
  • Centralized data across application submittal, invoicing, and performance payments
 Integrated system allowing visibility into the process from submittal through payment

Increased Visibility through Self-Service Reports and Dashboards

Expedited Processing through Automated Workflows & In System Approvals


Current project status

The project is on track to go-live by the end of calendar 2022. Below are some details on the project. If you have questions please contact your energy efficiency representative
  • Overall, BPA’s Energy Efficiency staff is deeply involved in the design and testing of the new system.
  • BEETS is in the Execution Phase consisting of configuration, development and testing.
  • Development of BEETS’ eleven system programs (e.g. Unit Energy Savings, Option 1 Custom Projects) and eight functional areas (e.g dashboards, invoicing, etc.) continues.
  • For customer feedback throughout the project, BPA created a focus group comprised of ten customer utilities.

Who implements BEETS?

BPA is working with Applied Energy Group, or AEG, to configure a cloud-based software solution called VisionDSM. AEG is an East Coast-based company, specializing in energy-efficiency consulting and has implemented energy-efficiency software solutions nationwide.


Support Resources


Questions? Contact your Energy Efficiency Representative or the project team at BEETS@bpa.gov


More resources to come over the next few months!