water cycle

Water Cycle: The power behind the hydropower

Hydropower is reliable and renewable, thanks to the benefits and predictability of our planet’s water cycle.

clean energy

Clean Energy: The Northwest way of life

The electricity in the Northwest is among the cleanest in the nation and we have our region’s rivers to thank.

power generation

Power Generation: From water to watt       

As water flows through a dam, the pressure of that falling water turns a large turbine and makes electricity.


Transmission: From dam to doorstep

Electricity flows along transmission and distribution lines sometimes traveling hundreds of miles.


Snowpack: From powder to power         

The water that drives the Northwest’s hydroelectric dams comes from rain and snow further upstream.


Dams: One structure, many benefits              

At first glance, dams look like they only hold back and store water, but they actually do so much more.

reliable energy

Reliable Energy: Balancing supply and demand

Hydropower is the Northwest’s largest renewable energy source, powering the region day or night, rain or shine. 


Reservoirs: The region's storage battery

Like giant storage batteries, reservoirs behind dams can hold back water to meet future energy needs. 

integrating renewables

Integrating Renewables: The perfect partner

The perpetual nature of hydropower makes it the perfect partner to variable renewables like wind and solar. 

city of portland at night

Resource Adequacy: Meeting the region's energy needs

Enough energy must be available to meet electricity demands under both normal and extreme conditions.