Quarterly Business Review

The Quarterly Business Review is a forum to share financial results and provide updates on major spending areas such as proposed capital projects, to provide more visibility on budgets and an opportunity for stakeholder input. 


Integrated Program Review

The Integrated Program Review allows interested parties to see and comment on all relevant Federal Columbia River Power System capital and expense spending level estimates in the same forum. 

Quarterly Reports

BPA’s Quarterly Financial Report is prepared by BPA's Financial Statements organization and presents current quarter and fiscal year-to-date unaudited financial information, including financial position as of the reporting date.


Good financial health will allow BPA to continue to deliver on its multi-purpose mission, providing significant value to the Pacific Northwest and its citizens.

News & Events

Quarterly Business Review Technical Workshop FY2022 Q3

BPA’s technical workshop for the Q3 QBR will provide additional details around BPA’s Q3 FY22 financial performance.