BPA Transmission Services provides services for use of the transmission system assets for acceptable telecommunications requests, such as wireless antennas, fiber optic leases, joint use for real estate and rack use in substations, shared use of operational telecommunication systems between BPA and another entity, pole attachments of other types.

Commercial Fiber

BPA will consider requests for the temporary licensing of dark fiber on BPA fiber routes where there is dark fiber in excess of current operational needs.  BPA does not compete with external fiber network providers and is not a last-mile provider.  Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


For questions or assistance regarding available fiber paths, non-disclosure agreements, or contract arrangements, please contact Suzanne Zoller (360) 418-2942 or Mindy Gibson (360) 619-6080. For construction agreement questions or arrangements, contact Erik Lane (360) 418-1736. For general outage information, contact the Network Operation Center (NOC).


When space and structural capacity allow, the BPA will consider requests for leasing of space at its facilities for the placement of wireless equipment. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with emphasis on BPA's security requirements, available resources, and outage constraints. In cases where BPA does not own the underlying property, the applicant will have to secure additional rights from the underlying landowner(s) in order to use the roads, enter the site, and install ground equipment.  BPA does not acquire such rights for others. 


For questions or assistance regarding Wireless Master or Facility Lease agreements, please contact Charles Sweeney (360) 619-6004 or Mindy Gibson (360) 619-6080.

For inquiries regarding Wireless Applications (Upgrade or New Site), Site Maintenance Repair Requests, Preliminary Engineering Agreement, Construction Agreement or Decommissioning Agreement contact Greg Vaughn (509) 822-4603.

For inquires about an existing BPA wireless site where BPA/customer work that is already in progress please contact Jonathan Toobian (360) 619-6904.

Realty/Joint Use

BPA provides Joint Use services for other entities, where appropriate.  The Joint Use services provide for the use of temporarily available space in or on a BPA facility, BPA telecommunications tower, or temporarily available construction space on a BPA telecommunications site.  It may also provide for the use of BPA's station service power and emergency AC or DC power at the site where temporarily unused capacity is available.


For inquiries about submitting a Joint Use Application form contact Erik Lane (360) 418-1736.

For inquires about existing Joint Use leases contact Jim Clark (503) 304-5906.

Shared Use

There are BPA driven and customer driven projects where a request will manifest to utilize or share BPA's or another entity's telecommunication system.  This type of request is such that, if qualified, the 'sharing' by either party shall be for the 'operation' of their system (i.e., no 'commercial' traffic).


For inquiries about operational shared bandwidth contact Erik Lane (360) 418-1736 or Ayo Idowu (360) 418-2802.

Pole Attachment

If a customer proposed project is qualified to do so BPA will permit other entities to attach cables or equipment to BPA transmission structures.

For inquiries regarding a customer pole attachment request contact Jim Clark (503) 304-5906.

BPA Capital Projects Impacting Customers

There are BPA capital driven and funded projects which may require telecommunication equipment to be replaced in customer facilities.

For customer inquiries about BPA driven telecommunication work to be done in a customer’s facility contact Kelly Johnson (360) 619-6055.