Why construct a new control center facility?

Control centers play an important role in the operation of the Bulk Electric System by ensuring that BPA can facilitate delivery of power to customers across our eight-state service territory and beyond. BPA operates one of the nation’s largest high-voltage transmission systems, and control centers are the operational hubs that enable dispatching of power to load centers and monitoring and managing the reliability of the grid, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The existing control center was a technical marvel of its age five decades ago but is fast approaching its end-of-useful-life and is inadequate for the continued safe and reliable operation of the federal transmission system in the Pacific Northwest. 

The new control center facility would support future market changes, improve both grid awareness as well as response and control, improve operational continuity, physical and cyber security and reduce risks from large-scale disruptive events.

What has changed that makes this new control center needed now?

The world has changed since 1974. Not only is the existing facility near its end-of-lifecycle, BPA faces increasingly complex compliance requirements and evolving risks to manage to maintain grid operations. The new Vancouver Control Center is purposefully designed to enable BPA to provide control of grid operations, quickly and effectively, through disruptive events. The costs of such disruptions in the current infrastructure landscape could eclipse the costs associated with the construction of a new facility.

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