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Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Business Practice V5

Bonneville will review proposed changes to this business practice.

Attachment K Planning Meeting

Bonneville Power Administration Attachment K Planning Meeting

Provider of Choice Public Workshop (Burley, ID)

This workshop will provide a summary and opportunity for discussion on the draft Provider of Choice policy.


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Hydropower Data & Studies


Hydropower is the most abundant energy source in the Northwest.

Provider of Choice

Provider of Choice is the initiative designed to lay the foundation for the development of policies and contracts BPA will offer its customers to meet their evolving needs and deliver competitively priced power beyond 2028.

How BPA Sets Rates

BPA is a self-financed federal agency. This means that BPA does not receive appropriations or tax dollars. Power Services pays all of its expenses from revenues it receives from the sale of power to eligible customers. Learn more about how BPA establishes power and transmission rates.

Rate and Tariff Overview

Learn more about the formal processes and requirements that BPA follows before establishing and setting power and transmission rates.
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