BP-22 Final Record of Decision 

On July 28, 2021, BPA released the Administrator's Final Record of Decision, July 2021, BP-22-A-02, in the BP-22 Rate Proceeding, including Appendix B: 2022 Power Rate Schedules and General Rate Schedule Provisions (BP-22-A-02-AP01); REV. 08/26/2021 (BP-22-A-02-AP01-E01) and Appendix C: 2022 Transmission, Ancillary, and Control Area Service Rate Schedules and General Rate Schedule Provisions (BP-22-A-02-AP02); Rev. 08/11/2021 (BP-22-A-02-AP02-E01). BPA also released its Final Studies and Documentation on the same day. To view these documents, please refer to the BP-22 Final Proposal Chart.

Official filings related to this proceeding were made on the BP-22 secure website.

Please refer to the Power and Transmission Rates pages to view BPA's wholesale power and transmission rates for the FY 2022-2023 rate period. 

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