The four Lower Snake River dam and reservoir projects are Ice Harbor, Lower Monumental, Little Goose and Lower Granite and are located in eastern Washington. Bonneville and the Corps are providing information on three categories: 1) Capital Hydropower Improvement Projects; 2) Columbia River Fish Mitigation (CRFM) Projects; and 3) Other Non-Power Capital Projects (e.g. navigation).

The documents below meet the criteria established in the Notification Process the District Court of Oregon approved on May 25, 2017. These documents provide a brief description of the project, an estimated schedule for completion, along with a range for estimated project cost. The date assigned to each project reflects either the date the information was first made available to NWF or when the project received initial approval from the Capital Workgroup. This site will be updated on a periodic basis if additional projects in the above categories are approved by the Capital Workgroup or funded by congressional appropriation at the four Lower Snake River dam and reservoir projects during the CRSO NEPA process.