New Customer Application Process for Transmission Service

The Eligible Customer Registration Requirements below must be satisfied to become a BPA Transmission Services’ Point to Point (PTP), Network Integration Transmission (NT) Customer prior to requesting transmission service. For assistance in the BPA application process, call BPA Transmission Sales (360) 619-6016 and request the assignment of a BPA Transmission Services Account Executive. In order to become a BPA Transmission Services’ Customer, an entity must qualify as an Eligible Customer as defined in BPA’s Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) prior to requesting Transmission Service. BPA operates according to its OATT, which provides for open access to its transmission system. It is highly recommended that all applicants read the relevant parts of the OATT and Transmission Services Business Practices to best understand the terms and conditions of open access transmission service that determine the binding rights and obligations of all Transmission Customers. Please note that it takes approximately 6 weeks for BPA to draft and tender a transmission service agreement after the customer has completed the Eligible Customer Registration Requirements. Estimated times for completing the Eligible Customer Registration Requirements are stated below. Please be aware of these estimated processing timelines, as it will impact the timing of when customers will be tendered a BPA Transmission Service Agreement, which is required for submitting Transmission Service Requests to BPA. To become a new Interconnection Customer, see BPA's Interconnection website.

Eligible Customer Registration Requirements

  1. Obtain a D-U-N-S® number from Dun and Bradstreet at (Estimated time: 5 Business Days)
  2. Obtain a digital certificate from a Certificate Authority listed at:  (Estimated time: 1-6 weeks)
    • The certificate is required
    • to access EIR and OASIS
  3. Register entity with the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) via the Electric Industry Registry (EIR). (Estimated time: 1-6 weeks)
  4. Complete the OATI User Registration form.(Estimated time: 1-2 Business Days)
    • To access this form, click and then hover over "Registration" at the top right of the page. Click on the second WORD document labeled "User Registration Form".

BPA Application Requirements

An Eligible Customer must submit all applicable Customer application forms and required documentation (per the chart below) by one of the following methods:
  • Print, sign and scan the document(s) into a PDF file and return by email to
  • Complete, print sign and mail the hard copy by one of the mailing methods below
Forms and Required Documentation Required For
Articles of Incorporation
State-Issued Documentation
All Customers (Estimated time 1–5 Business Days)
Transmission Credit Application All Customers (1–5 Business Days depending on how responsive customer is)
Transmission Customer Contact Information All Customers (Estimated 1–5 Business Days)
BPA form 4220.01f, Federal Tax Withholding for Foreign Entities Applied to Payment and BPA form 4220.01b, New Foreign Vendor Profile Request (both forms are in one attachment). OR
Substitute IRS form W9e, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (BPA form 03-2007) and BPA form 4220.01ae, New Vendor Profile Request, (both forms are in one attachment).
For customers with a parent company headquartered in a foreign country. Estimated time 1–5 Business Days)     For customers headquartered in the United States. As a Federal Agency, BPA is required to wire all Customer refunds, so this form must include bank wiring account information (under Vendor Express Enrollment). (Estimated time 1–5 Business Days)

Additional Reference Forms & Required Documentation, as applicable

Notification of Real Power Loss Return Type If applicable, email form to The form is available under the Real Power Loss Return Business Practice under Forms. The form must be received according to the timeframe stated in the Real Power Loss Return Business Practice. 
Customer Data Entry (CDE) Information Customer access to information pertaining to Ancillary Services, Loss Return obligations, portfolio manager, contract portfolio manager and authorize a third party to view their information and data. See the Customer Training page for User Guide and System Access Form. 
Reservation Agent Agreement  Available from your Account Executive.  See Reservation Agent Agreement Business Practice 
 Scheduling Agent Information.  See Scheduling Agent Business Practice   
 Customer Portal Access  See the BPA Customer Portal web site: Customer Portal

If submitting hardcopy forms and required documentation to the assigned Transmission Account Executive use one of the following methods:

US Postal Service Bonneville Power Administration
Transmission Marketing and Sales – TSE/TPP-2
P.O. Box 61409
Vancouver, WA 98666-1409 
Overnight Delivery Service (physical delivery: UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) Bonneville Power Administration –
Attn: (Addressee)
Organization Mailstop: (e.g. TSE/TPP-2; TPC/TPP-4, TPP/OPP-3)
905 NE 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
 Facsimile (fax)  (360) 619 - 694
 Email Enter APPLICATION in the subject line of the email. This email address provides an automated reply indicating that the application was received.
 OATI U.S. Postal Service Open Access Technology International, Inc.
3660 Technology Dr NE
Minneapolis MN 55418
Fax to: (763) 201-5333
Email to:

Execution of a Transmission Agreement

  1. After an Eligible Customer satisfies all of the requirements above, a BPA Transmission Services Account Executive will coordinate the offer of a Transmission Agreement (Agreement) to the Customer. (See Attachments A and F of the OATT for examples of PTP and NT Agreements and Exhibits). BPA Transmission Services requires separate Agreements for PTP and NT Transmission Service.
  2. An Eligible Customer must electronically sign the blue-flagged signature fields and return the Agreement by email to or send the hardcopy Agreement to BPA Transmission Services at the address listed. The Agreement is due by Close of Business on the 15th calendar day after the Date of Tender. The due date for the Agreement will be included in a cover letter accompanying the Agreement.

    After the Eligible Customer meets all requirements and receives an original executed Agreement, the Customer will be able to request transmission via webOASIS for either NT or PTP Transmission Service.

Signing up for OASIS Email Notifications:

After executing a Transmission Agreement, Eligible Customers can follow the steps outlined in the supplemental OASIS user guide to subscribe to OASIS email notifications.  Eligible Customers can subscribe to receive emails about several different notification event types.  BPA Transmission Services recommends that Eligible Customers subscribe to receive notifications for Transmission Service Request status changes, at a minimum.