The following payment methods are available to employees, former employees, vendors and customers.

Payment by Bank Account or Credit Card

Payment via bank account or credit card may be made at and is a payment method for all debts. does limit payment amount by payment method. To review payment limits, go to, or go directly to the agency form and enter payment information at BPA online payments.

Payment by Direct Debit

Direct Debit Payment Plan is an electronic payment option for recurring payments where you want BPA to automatically withdraw the payment from your bank account. You must enroll in BPA’s Direct Debt program to pay with this method. Contact Accounts Receivable at 503-230-5788 to enroll or fill out the Direct Debit form.

Electronic Funds Transfer Payment by ACH

Payment to BPA may be made through a self-initiated electronic transfer at your financial institution of funds, from your banking account to the United States Treasury, through the Automated Clearing House network. Learn more from your BPA account executive or contact Accounts Receivable.

Electronic Funds Transfer Payment by Wire

Payments that need to be remitted and credited the same day to BPA are done by wire transfer. All wires need to be received by the United States Treasury by 2 p.m. Pacific Time for same day credit.  Contact your BPA account executive or  Accounts Receivable for specific wire instructions. 

For More Information

For more information on payment options or if you are unable to use one of these payment methods, contact Accounts Receivable at 503-230-5788.