How does grid modernization support BPA?

Grid modernization enhances systems by automating grid operations and marketing functions; improves accuracy of IT systems that support automation; and enhances visibility of real-time data on the federal power and transmission systems.

How are grid modernization projects integrated into everyday business at BPA?

Grid modernization projects are meant to bring new automation, accuracy or visibility to organizations in a timely and organized process. Many of these projects are providing invaluable improvements to existing tools and processes that will enable additional flexibility in the power and transmission systems or participation in new markets. Through a portfolio framework called Identify, Define, Integrate and Deliver (IDID), project teams are required to identify how the will integrate into existing processes or how they will be launched, and which organizations will be impacted if the project creates new processes or organizations. Before projects are deemed complete, impacted staff undertake change management activities to ensure the project has been successfully integrated into normal business operations.

How does the Western Energy Imbalance Market relate to grid modernization?

Grid modernization enables BPA’s participation in new market opportunities, like the Western Energy Imbalance Market operated by the California Independent System Operator. BPA is moving toward joining the EIM with an expected go-live date of May 3, 2022. Projects that will enable BPA’s participation in the EIM are underway, including EIM Bid and Base Scheduling, EIM Real-Time Operations, EIM Settlements Implementation, EIM Training Program and EIM Testing Program. Many other grid modernization projects also have elements that are critical to participation in the EIM. Learn more about BPA's path to joining the EIM here.

Where can I learn more about projects?

The grid modernization roadmap shows where projects are in the portfolio management process and the expected timeline of the project. Project summaries provide more information about each specific project, including a project description, benefits and what is changing. The Quarterly Business Review provides updates on the progress and financial health of the grid modernization initiative. And keep a look out for news articles about the projects and the teams that are making sure each and every project is a success. 

Day-ahead market development

BPA issued a letter Aug. 12 regarding its participation in the next phase of the Southwest Power Pool’s Markets+ development. BPA has decided to commit resources to support and fully evaluate Markets+, including funding Bonneville’s share of the next implementation phase. BPA will also continue to participate in the California Independent System Operator’s Extended Day-Ahead Market development process, recognizing the need to assess both market opportunities. 


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