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BPA Transmission Services provides services for interconnection to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System. BPA interconnection procedures adhere to the requirements of its Open Access Transmission Tariff.
A Transmission Services Account Executive, in partnership with the appropriate Procedural Administrator, will guide you through the Interconnection process. Call 360-619-6016 to request that an Account Executive be assigned to you.

If you would like help determining which sections apply to your entity or business, please call the Interconnection Administrator at 360-619-6047 or email to

Important information for new customers

The Interconnection Request should be submitted in the name of the entity that will become BPA's contractual counterparty ("Interconnection Customer" as defined in the LGIP and SGIP) during the study process.

If that entity has not previously done business with BPA in its own name, please see Establishing a new Interconnection CustomerThis information applies equally to an existing BPA customer that submits an Interconnection Request in the name of a new subsidiary or affiliate.

Technical Interconnection Standards

Generation Integration

The Generation Integration Services Business Practice describes the requirements for generators operating in the Bonneville Power Administration Balancing Authority Area to obtain Integration Services from the Bonneville Power Administration. It provides details about the requirements for Balancing Authority Area Service Agreements.

Facility Ownership and Cost Assignment Guidelines

Image of power lines in the snowBPA's practices relating to cost assignments for generation or line/load interconnections can be found in BPA's Facility Ownership and Cost Assignment Guidelines (Jan. 6, 2015).

Transmission Credits for projects involving generation interconnection are covered by the GI Transmission Credits Business Practice

Transmission Credits for projects not involving generation interconnection are covered by the Transmission Credits for Non-GI Network Upgrades Business Practice.   


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