ATC Methodology

Learn more about BPA's Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document (ATCID), ATC and Available Flowgate Capability (AFC) Methodologies for the Planning Time Period and other information pertaining to BPA's management and calculation of ATC and AFC.
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TSR Study & Expansion Process

The TSR Study and Expansion Process (TSEP) is BPA’s process to manage and respond to long-term firm transmission requests on the BPA network. TSEP was formerly known as Network Open Season (NOS).
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South of Allston Bilateral Redispatch Pilot

This two-year pilot launched in 2017 and helped provide information on how dependable generation redispatch and demand side management are at providing flowgate relief in the BPA balancing authority. This pilot was one of BPA's many initiatives to mitigate congestion on the South of Allston flowgate.
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BP-24 and TC-24 Customer-led Workshop

These workshops are a monthly hold in order have BPA staff from previous workshops available to customers to help clarify and/or ask any questions on materials previously presented.