Customer Billing

Find information to help with understanding your bill.

Metering Services

The Metering Services page contains contact information, usage data, and the Responsibilities and Technical Requirements Guide for Customer Owned Meters. Customers can also report outages and load shifts. 

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is an online service that provides access to bills, meter data, load/resource forecasts and contracts for customers that signed a Customer Portal Agreement and are currently doing business with BPA.

Bonneville Purchasing Instructions

Find policies and procedures for the purchase of supplies and services in accordance with the Bonneville Project Act.

Financial Assistance Instructions 

The manual provides policy and procedural requirements for financial assistance awards  and administration.

How to pay BPA

See what payment methods are available to employees, former employees, vendors and customers.

Buying or selling products or services

Vendors can find information on procurement opportunities with BPA, surplus sales, invoicing, policy reference documents and forms.

Slice customer cost verification process

Find information on the annual public process for the Slice True-Up Adjustment Charge developed under the Tiered Rates Methodology.