The Treasury organization manages BPA’s total debt portfolio which includes both Federal and non-Federal debt.

Below is an outline of the various functions preformed in the Treasury organization:

  • Non-Federal debt management: develop overall financial initiatives to strengthen BPA’s financial health and maintain its strong bond credit rating. Non-Federal debt management duties include relationship responsibilities with the national financing community, rating agencies, investment banks, and bond investors. Other functions include preparation of the agency’s interest rate policy and analysis regarding the repayment of debt.
  • Federal debt management: efficiently use BPA’s limited U.S. Treasury borrowing authority that is currently capped at $7.7 billion.

Other Information:

Our Independent Registered Municipal Advisors 

For a variety of purposes BPA staff conducts briefings on BPA's debt management practices and access to capital issues. This site presents easy reference to those briefings and other debt management material.

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