Science Lab Activities

The BPA Science Lab is a series of simple, hands-on science experiments that will spark student interest in science. Science Lab experiments can be used in the classroom or at home, and are suitable for kids in fourth through 12th grades. Each experiment features simple tools and ingredients, and includes download-able instructions.

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How to Build a Motor

This activity caters to students and children ages 6 and up and teaches the fundamental concepts of how a motor works.
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How to Build a Tower

This activity helps students analyze a problem and test and refine solutions—skills needing in engineering and scientific disciplines.
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How to Build a Turbine

Teach students about turbines. This activity helps explain what turbines are and how they generate energy, all while fostering key skills for scientific and engineering careers.
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The Great Marble Drop

This is a team-based activity designed to help students analyze problems and test and refine solutions—important skills needed in engineering and scientific disciplines
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