In 2016, BPA began talking with existing preference customers to learn about their needs and interests for power service following the expiration of Regional Dialogue contracts in September of 2028. BPA held additional discussions with customers in 2019 and memorialized these findings in the Provider of Choice 2020 Engagement Summary. In 2021, BPA pivoted into a more iterative phase, exploring policy concepts in collaboration with public power customers, and starting to set a foundation for Provider of Choice post-2028 contracts. 

BPA is in the process of developing a Provider of Choice Concept Paper, which is expected to be released in July 2022. BPA’s concept paper will provide a high-level framework for post-2028 contract policies, products, services, and rate structure.

Following concept paper release, preference customers and regional stakeholders will be invited to participate in workshops, regional meetings, and policy development discussions as BPA works to develop a Provider of Choice policy.

Workshops and presentations


This page contains several informational resources that provide foundational content and grounding for Provider of Choice policy and contract development activities. Materials include presentations and fact sheets on topics such as BPA’s governing statutes, the current long-term power sales contracts (Regional Dialogue), the tiered rate construct, and more.

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