BPA’s Energy Efficiency Program is offering new promotions to support regional economic recovery efforts. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a downturn in energy-efficiency project uptake, and a disruption in the way contractors, trade allies and field staff perform their duties. End-use customers of utilities are also experiencing financial hardships that prohibit their participation in energy-efficiency programs.

To help customer utilities boost their local communities’ economic revitalization efforts, the promotions will increase performance payments and specific measure incentives starting July 1, 2020, through March 31, 2022.

The proposed promotions are designed to:

  • Offset more of the installed cost of energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Support achievement of BPA’s Energy Efficiency Action Plan goals and align with BPA’s Resource Program strategy. 
  • Help provide meaningful bill savings for end-use customers during the economic slowdown.
  • Get contractors back to work and help them promote energy-efficient technologies.
  • Support local utility customers with their energy-efficiency program implementation.

Want to learn more about the proposed promotions? Check out our new FAQ here