Energy Conservation Direct Fund Demonstration

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Energy Efficiency Program seeks to identify and capture additional cost effective energy conservation that is occurring within the region.  Through this incentive funding opportunity, Energy Efficiency aims to identify energy conservation projects in small rural utility regions as well as those that benefit low-income communities, but will evaluate all submitted projects. If you have questions about the application process, please contact your Energy Efficiency Representative.


BPA public utility customers with an Energy Conservation Agreement are eligible to apply under this opportunity. Utilities with multiple project sites must submit a separate application for each project.

Project Eligibility

Any reportable measure or project that meets Implementation Manual requirements. Projects previously reported to BPA are not eligible for this opportunity.  All work must be completed by August 31, 2024 and be invoiced on or before September 25, 2024. 

Daily Demand Voltage Reduction Pilot

BPA’s Resource Program and the Council’s 2021 Power Plan identified frequently deployed demand voltage reduction as a low cost means to acquire an energy resource to meet BPA’s needs. To capture these savings BPA is launching a pilot Daily Demand Voltage Reduction program. Daily Demand Voltage Reduction is a hybrid demand response and energy efficiency measure that reduces voltage during pre-established times of day and year when BPA’s system needs are greatest. 

For more information on this pilot, contact your Energy Efficiency Representative to schedule an informational conversation.


Any interested customer is eligible to participate in this pilot program.  Savings achieved will qualify for payment from each participant’s EEI budget.

Technical Requirements

Substations deploying voltage reduction should serve residential and light commercial loads, have a SCADA system or equivalent, must be able to collect 1- or 5-minute average interval recordings at the substation bus: Volts, Current, Real Power (kW), Reactive Power (kVAR with sign, leading or lagging), Apparent Power (kVA), and end of line primary per phase voltage.