Transmission Services provides information to assist customers as they reserve and schedule transmission.

System Information 

POR/POD Combinations for 1:1 ATC Paths
Proposed Outages
Reservation to E-Tag Point Relationships
Transmission System Constraints (updated 1/23/2024)

Long-Term Transmission Inventory Map

Long-Term Redirect Inventory Map
Long-Term Original Inventory Map
Long-Term Transmission Inventory Map Instructions

Long-Term Available Transfer Capability 

Long-Term Firm ATC Inventory
Ineligible Source Points of Receipt for Conditional Firm Service 
Contract Points List
Long-Term Pending Queue

Short-Term Available Transfer Capability

The Short-Term Calculators utilize "All Lines in Service" PTDFs and may not reflect the same results as BPA's OASIS, which considers transmission outages. 
Short-Term Original Transmission Service Request Calculator (updated 05/20/2024)
Short-Term Redirect Transmission Service Request Calculator (updated 05/20/2024)   
Short-Term PTDF Table (updated 05/20/2024)
ST ATC Analysis User Guide  

Outage & Interruption Information:

Hourly TTC Path Limits 
Outage Summary
JOTS Automated Capacity Change Notification