In recent rate periods, custom project energy savings are 20%–30% of BPA Energy Efficiency’s overall savings achievements.  Industrial custom projects are an important contributor towards helping BPA’s overall EE savings portfolio reach cost-effective targets.

Option 1 Utilities: BPA manages the project performance and cost-effectiveness of the bundle of energy savings from Option 1 custom projects. Option 1 customers may request technical support from BPA or BPA program implementers (e.g., Energy Smart Industrial) to develop projects and complete Measurement and Verification (M&V) regardless of the size of the project or the requirement for review and comment.

Option 2 Utilities: Customers manage the project performance and cost-effectiveness of the energy savings from their custom projects. The customer conducts all aspects of M&V and custom project quality control internally (e.g. project proposal and project completion documentation review).Technical assistance is available in relation to IM clarifications and consultations regarding M&V methods and protocols as they apply to a single project or the customer’s portfolio of projects. Project-implementation assistance is not available unless provided by third-party implementation contractors as part of a program (e.g. Energy Smart Industrial, or Trade Ally Network Northwest).  Option 2 customers that request special BPA funding (such as those performing Limited Availability Emerging Technology Field Test projects) must follow the terms of the funding agreement for reporting energy savings in addition to the IM requirements for reporting and invoicing Option 2 custom projects.