BPA’s ATCID describes BPA’s implementation of the NERC ATC Standards, as required by NERC Standard MOD-001-1, and applies to ATC and AFC calculations for the NERC ATC Time Period (0-13 months). BPA’s ATC and AFC Methodologies for the Planning Time Period describe BPA’s methodologies for calculating ATC and AFC in the Planning Time Period (beyond 13 months).  

ATC Methodologies for the NERC Horizon (0 - 13 months)

ATC Implementation Document, V74 (Effective 10/19/2022)  

ATC Implementation Document Version History, V74 (Effective 10/19/2022)

System Operating Limits Methodology for the Operations Horizon

Data Request Form (MOD-001-1 R9) (07/28/2020) 

TTC Study Report Request Form (MOD-029-1 R4) (08/29/2019) 

TRM Implementation Document, V8 (MOD-008-1) (Effective 10/21/2022)

Map of Short-term BPA Constraints (Effective 1/26/2022)

The forms above are only for use by the specific entities identified in each form. Send all completed forms to nercatcstandards@bpa.gov with the name of the form in the subject line.

Transmission Service Providers can also use this mailbox to send BPA their ATCID.

ATC Methodologies for the Planning Time Period (beyond 13 months)

ATC Methodologies for the Planning Time Period V18 (Effective: 5/14/2021)

Map of Long-term BPA Constraints (Effective 1/26/2022)

Reference Documents

Contact Information

Send all requests or documents pertaining to specific requirements in the NERC ATC Standards to nercatcstandards@bpa.gov and specify the name of the document or request form in the subject line. For comments or questions about ATC and AFC, email techforum@bpa.gov and specify ATC-related in the subject line.

To receive emails about ATC Methodology updates and Customer Involvement meetings, complete the sign-up form and select the techforum check box.

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