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This page provides information on submitting a Large Generator Interconnection Request. Large Generator Interconnection Business Practice contains the complete process.
A Large Generator is a generator, or an aggregation of generators, whose single or combined generating capacity is greater than 20 MW. The interconnection of Large Generating Facilities to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System (FCRTS) is governed by Attachment L to BPA's Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). The Large Generator Interconnection Procedures (LGIP) provides the procedural framework for moving from a submitted Interconnection Request to a completed interconnection for generators larger than 20 MW (nameplate). The different studies are defined (Interconnection Feasibility, Interconnection System Impact and Interconnection Facilities), together with the deposits and timelines required at each stage.

OATT Draft Study Agreement Appendices

Technical Interconnection Standards:

Please also refer to the BPA Standards and Requirements:

Submitting an LGIP Interconnection Request

A pre-application consultation of up to two hours may be scheduled with BPA at no cost to review the potential technical issues a new project may face. Submit a request for a pre-application consultation to An LGIP Interconnection Request begins with the submittal of the appropriate form, Appendix 1 to the LGIP. An initial deposit of $10,000 is mandated; and an additional deposit of $10,000 is required unless the Interconnection Request is accompanied by a demonstration of Site Control. Note that in certain circumstances, delaying the submittal of Site Control documentation may result in these two deposits being non-refundable: section 3.4.1 of the LGIP sets forth the terms. See Payment and Remittance Instructions.   Signed Interconnection Requests may be scanned and submitted as email attachments to Please cc your Transmission Account Executive and the LGIP Administrator on email submittals. The time a request is received establishes its position and its priority within the Interconnection Queue. Once the Interconnection Request has been reviewed for completeness and validity, a Scoping Meeting will be scheduled to discuss alternative interconnection options, exchange and analyze information and to determine the potential feasible points of interconnection. Please read the new interconnection customer guidelines to ensure that the requesting entity’s name is properly recorded and that any information BPA requires for registering a new entity is provided.

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