This page provides information about the activities of the Transmission Services Joint Operating Committee. As required by Attachment L, Articles 13.2 and 29 of the Open Access Transmission Tariff, this committee is made up of representatives from Interconnection Customers and Transmission Services staff to coordinate operating and technical considerations of Interconnection Service.


2022 Joint Operating Committee
February 2, 2022
JOC Presentation

2021 Joint Operating Committee
February 16, 2021
JOC Presentation

2020 Joint Operating Committee
February 26, 2020
RePowering Turbines
BPA OMP Presentation
Voltage Schedules for Generators
Outages – Spare Transformer Installation Program 
2019 Joint Operating Committee
February 21, 2019
Oversupply Management Protocol (OMP) Update
Operational Controls for Balancing Reserves (OCBR)
RC & Outage Coordination Updates
TOP Generator Operators TOP Services   

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