What is Energy Imbalance (EI)? 

When there is a difference in the scheduled load vs. the actual delivery to load (eTag or CDE) within BPA’s BAA: 
  • If schedule vs delivered is higher, then BPA supplies the INC (from available capacity) at the ACS rate
  • If schedule vs delivered is lower, than BPA absorbs the  DEC and credits at the ACS rate.

Energy Imbalance examples

EI is a service provided by the BAA when a difference occurs between the scheduled and the actual delivery of energy to a load located within that BAA and is used by anyone scheduling transmission service to serve load within the BPA BAA

To the extent the BAA operator performs this service for the Transmission Provider, charges to the Transmission Customer are to reflect only a pass-through of the costs charged to the Transmission Provider by that Control Area operator.

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