Capacity on the FCRPS is set aside for use to cover deviation in actual load from the loads schedule.

BPA absorbs excess generation by backing off the FCRPS


When there is a difference in the scheduled generation vs. the actual generation (eTag or CDE) within BPA’s BAA: 

If schedule vs actual is higher, then BPA supplies the INC (from available capacity) at the ACS rate

If schedule vs. actual is lower, than BPA absorbs the DEC and credits at the ACS rate.

GI is a service provided by the BAA when a difference occurs between the scheduled and the actual production of energy from a generator located within that BAA.  This difference utilizes generation inputs to respond to a number of variables impacting system reliability.  

GI is used for transmission service being scheduled from generation WITHIN the BPA BAA

Image with examples for ACS

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