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Contract Changes
BPA recognizes that project needs and conditions may change throughout the year, and that project proponents may need to request changes to their scope, budget or timeline to adapt. The procedures for requesting such changes are described below.
  • NOTE: Contractors may not implement changes to scope, budget or performance period prior to receipt of a signed contract amendment or written authorization from the BPA Contracting Officer.
  • Scope Changes
    BPA project managers and contractors are responsible for ensuring that the work they carry out aligns with the intent of the Council and BPA as described during project selection. Most changes in scope must be approved by the Council and BPA; minor changes may be made by the BPA Contracting Officer (CO). Any contractors considering a contract scope change should notify their BPA project manager as soon as possible.
  • Budget Changes
    • Budget-neutral changes -- such as budgetary line item transfers -- that do not result in a change to the contract value may be made by BPA and the contractor and do not require Council or CBFWA approval. For transfers greater than 5% of the total contract budget, contractors must send a written request to the BPA Contracting Officer. Budgetary line item transfers totaling less than 5% of the total contract budget are within the discretion of the contractor, and do not require BPA approval or action.
    • Budget increases: increases of any amount, or rescheduling of work and associated funding from one fiscal year to the next, must be approved by BPA and the Council via the Budget Oversight Group (BOG). To submit or review project modification requests, meeting schedules, and public comments, please visit the Change Requests area of
  • Schedule Changes
    BPA may allow a No Cost Time Extension (NCTE) of a contract performance period. As the name implies, NCTEs permit additional time to complete contract work, not additional funding. NCTEs are intended for contracts that will not be renewed. Requests for NCTEs should be made to the BPA Contracting Officer (CO) via the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).
  • Other Changes
    Changes to contract terms such as payment schedule (Net 15, Net 30, etc.) or agreement type usually require a written request to the BPA CO. To identify the CO for a particular contract, search Pisces or contact the COR.