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​Planning and Coordination
The planning and coordination work elements cover a broad array of activities that take place prior to project implementation. These activities generally involve paper and phones rather than shovels and chest waders. Two of these work elements may occur throughout project implementation: WE #99, Outreach and Education (conducting training, symposia, or conferences), and WE #119, Manage and Administer Projects (administrative work, management of subcontracts, SOW preparation).

A few pre-implementation activities are not included in these work elements:

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The Planning and Coordination work elements are:
99. Outreach and Education
114. Identify and Select Projects
115. Produce Inventory or Assessment
119. Manage and Administer Projects
122. Provide Technical Review
174. Produce Plan
175. Produce Design and/or Specifications
189. Regional Coordination
191. Watershed Coordination

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