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​BPA’s Energy Efficiency Program is offering new promotions to support regional economic recovery efforts. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a downturn in energy-efficiency project uptake, and a disruption in the way contractors, trade allies and field staff perform their duties. End-use customers of utilities are also experiencing financial hardships that prohibit their participation in energy-efficiency programs.

To help customer utilities boost their local communities’ economic revitalization efforts, the promotions will increase performance payments and specific measure incentives starting July 1, 2020, through the remainder of the rate period. There are two parts of customer engagement around this promotional effort. Part 1 brings permanent performance payment increases, effective July 1. Part 2 is a targeted promotion for select HVAC measures and is effective July 1; these payments will become available to invoice in early August, when the measure list is updated. 

The proposed promotions are designed to:

  • Offset more of the installed cost of energy-efficiency upgrades.
  • Support achievement of BPA’s Energy Efficiency Action Plan goals and align with BPA’s Resource Program strategy. 
  • Help provide meaningful bill savings for end-use customers during the economic slowdown.
  • Get contractors back to work and help them promote energy-efficient technologies.
  • Support local utility customers with their energy-efficiency program implementation.

Want to learn more about the proposed promotions? Check out our new FAQ here

​Performance Payments

​An increase in performance payments is indicated in the table below. The intent is to allow utilities to access funds faster; however, budget caps will stay the same. The new performance payment reimbursement levels are effective July 1, and the existing payment rates will expire. Please use the Performance Payment Calculator when submitting your invoices to manage the impacts on your budget. 

Invoices submitted before July 1, but have not yet been approved by your Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, will be calculated at the new performance rate. If you want your performance payment to remain at the current rate on submitted invoices, you must contact your energy efficiency representative no later than Tuesday, July29, 2021.

Small, Rural or Residential Status
Payment Rate $/kWh
(Effective Oct. 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020)
Payment Rate $/KWh
(Effective July 1, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2021)
Non- Small, Rural or Residential
​Promotional Incentive Payments

​Select HVAC incentive payments in the Residential and Commercial sectors are also increasing, as shown below. These numbers reflect the net increase in payment. View the complete list of Residential and Commercial sector measures with increased payments here. The increased payments are optional; utilities can still choose measures with the pre-existing payment level.
Please note: Increased payments do not apply to the Low-Income programs because their payments are already at the maximum allowable levels.

Commercial sector:

  1. Increase of $125-$250 per ton: Ductless heat pump and heat pump retrofits. Total incentive up to $1,250.
  2. Increase of $50-$100 per ton: Ductless heat pump and heat pump upgrades. Total incentive up to $400.
  3. Increase of $50 per thermostat: Connected thermostats. Total incentive up to $200.
  4. Increase of $25 per ton: Advanced rooftop controls. Total incentive up to $225.

Residential sector:

  1. Increase of $500 per unit: Ductless heat pump and heat pump conversions. Total incentive up to $1,300.
  2. Increase of $200 per unit: Ductless heat pump and heat pump upgrades. Total incentive up to $300.
  3. Increase of $50 per thermostat: Advanced smart thermostats. Total incentive up to $175.
​Timing and Implementation
​An off-cycle Implementation Manual update will occur to reflect this promotion, which will be effective from July 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021. An updated measure list featuring the promotional measure payments will be released during the first week of August 2020. For projects completed on or after July 1, utilities may choose either the standard or promotional payment rate.
​Marketing and Communications

Below is a suite of customizable marketing materials BPA offers for HVAC measures, click the link to download the packaged Adobe InDesign files to make your customizations. Please note: All text and incentive levels are placeholder copy and can be updated to reflect your program’s offerings. 

Utilities can also request marketing support from an energy efficiency representative or the Energy Efficiency marketing team. A special promotions section on BPA’s Energy Efficiency Marketing Portal for utilities to customize their own materials will be available soon.

Contact your energy efficiency representative if you want to participate in this special promotion. Understanding your engagement level helps BPA learn how to support your marketing efforts that further engage your end-users.

​Ductless heat pump social media content

To get started, download Copy and Messaging Library to access all the recommended messaging options. The images below are available as .jpgs formatted for facebook. You also have the option to download the photoshop document (.psd) to make your edits or use for other marketing purposes.

Dog Days I Dog Days II Dog Days III ​Dog Days IV
High Temp I ​High Temp II ​High Temp III High Temp IV
Download .jpg Download .jpg
​High Temp V ​High Temp VI ​High Temp VII ​High Temp VIII
Download .jpg Download .jpg Download .jpg
​Family I ​Family II ​Family III ​Family IV
​​Download .jpg ​​Download .jpg ​​Download .jpg ​​Download .jpg
​Family V ​Family VI ​Family VII ​More Money More Comfort
​Download .jpg Download .jpg ​Download .jpg Download .jpg

​Commercial Marketing Materials

Connected Thermostats Custom Solutions Ductless Heat Pumps ​Heat Pump Upgrades
​Download Design Files ​Download Design Files ​Download Design Files ​Download Design Files
Variable Refrigerent Flow ​Rooftop Controls ​Variable Frequency Drives
Download Design Files ​Download Design Files Download Design Files
 Files include both English and Spanish versions.

​Residential Marketing Materials

Going Ductless Half Page Ad Ductelss Heat Pump Partner One Sheet Smart Thermostat Flyer
​Trade Ally Partnership
​More information about partnering with trade allies for this promotion coming soon.