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Sharing energy efficiency information.

​This library of energy efficiency presentations and webinars is for information sharing in an effort to build a more energy efficient Pacific Northwest. Related materials for each conversation will be posted on the page below for reference during the conversation. Please contact your Energy Efficiency Representative for additional information or to suggest ideas for future materials and events.
This page now includes energy efficiency related trainings hosted by BPA. These trainings may be facilitated using an online meeting service.
​Energy Efficiency Infographics
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Upcoming Energy Efficiency Events and Trainings

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Recent Energy Efficiency Presentations
November 21, 2019: Brown Bag: PTCS Redesign Draft Recommendations
May 2, 2019: Brown Bag: Next steps in the development of residential efficiency support services on May 2
March 30, 2017: IM Updates Presentation
February 8, 2017: Commercial Field Test Presentation
December 15, 2016: Utility Potential Calculator Presentation
December 1, 2016: PTCS Program Simplification, Improvement and Next Steps Presentation
November 29, 2016: Brown Bag: Ag Market Research Part 1

October 20,2016: Brown Bag: Distributed Energy Resources
September 20, 2016: Simple Steps Program Process Evaluation Findings Presentation
September 15, 2016: Non-Residential Lighting Presentation
September 8, 2016: UES Measure List Presentation
August 25, 2016: Implementation Manual Updates Presentation
August 4, 2016: EE Action Plan Presentation

July 20, 2016: Low-Emissivity Storm Window Presentation

May 26, 2016: HVAC Market Research + Momentum Savings Findings (there are two links with different materials)
May 18, 2016:  Commercial Sector Energy Efficiency Program Design
April 5, 2016: Residential Lighting Market Shake-up Presentation
March 31, 2016: Changes and Corrections Summary of the 2015-2016 Implementation Manual Presentation
March 15, 2016: The Future of Residential HVAC Presentation
March 10, 2016: 2016 UES Evaluation Strategy Highlights, Presentation and Draft Plan

December 2, 2015:Commercial Program: Get Comfortable with HVAC Measures

December 1, 2015: Developing Consistency in Baselines pdf version and powerpoint slide deck

November 24, 2015: New Commercial Program Development Presentation
November 18, 2015: BPA Site Specific Evaluation Results Presentation
October 21, 2015: Commercial Measure Review Part One Presentation
October 15, 2015:  Clark Public Utilities Home Energy Reports Program: What Have We Learned? Presentation

September 29, 2015: Implementation Manual Updates Presentation
September 23, 2015: Smart Grid Regional Business Case Presentation
August 19, 2015:Lighting Program Updates Presentation
August 4, 2015: Update on the Development of the 7th Power Plan Presentation
July 29, 2015: Air NW - The HVAC Trade Ally Network Presentation
July 9, 2015: Weatherization Programs after October 2015 - Brainstorm Presentation
June 30, 2015: Marketing Portal Presentation
June 10, 2015: Draft Results for Non-Residential Lighting Momentum Savings 
June 4, 2015: Commercial Utility Preference Assessment Survey Results Presentation
June 2, 2015: Recent Federal Appliance Standards Analysis
May 27, 2015: Upgrading the UES Measure List Presentation
May 20, 2015: 2014 Commercial Building Stock Assessment Presentation
April 9, 2015: Making the Most of Your E Source Resources
April 1, 2015: Implementation Manual Updates Presentation
March 26, 2015: Upcoming Residential Weatherization Measure Changes Presentation
March 11, 2015: New Commercial Sector Programs Offerings & Delivery
March 5, 2015: The 7th Power Plan is Underway
March 3, 2015: New LED Promotion
February 17, 2015 : Update on Status of NED
February 5, 2015: Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC)-Lite Retrofit ET Field Test

​Many energy efficiency events and trainings are recorded. Visit our archives, and then contact your Energy Efficiency Representative if you see an event you'd like to hear.