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​Implementation Manual
2020-2021 Implementation Manual (Effective April 1, 2021)
2020-2021 Implementation Manual (Effective October 1, 2020)

July 2020 Off-Cycle Promotional Incentive Update (Updated July, 1, 2020)

2020-2021 Implementation Manual (Effective April 1, 2020)

2020-2021 Implementation Manual (Effective Oct. 1, 2019)

2017-2019 Implementation Manual (Updated April 1, 2019)

2017-2019 Implementation Manual (Updated Oct 1, 2018) 

Implementation Manual October 2016-2017 (New! Updated October 18, 2016)
Change Notice Summary to the 2015-2016 Annual Manual (Updated April 1, 2016) 
October 2015-2016 Edition
April 2015 Edition

October 2014 Edition

April 2014 Edition
October 2013 Edition (updated February 21, 2014)
April 2013 Edition (updated June 13, 2013)
October 2012 Edition (updated February 21, 2013)
April 2012 Edition (updated August 30, 2012)
October 2011 Edition (updated December 19, 2011)
April 2011 Edition (updated August 22, 2011)
October 2010 Edition (updated February 9, 2011)
April 2010 Edition (updated July 26, 2010)
October 2009 Edition


New Commercial Sector Measure - Electric Fryers
BPA EnergySmart Grocer Program - Self-funding
BPA Energy Smart Industrial Measure Life
Hospitality Initiative Termination  

April 2009 Edition - (includes all updates/revisions - updated May 13, 2009)


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October 2008


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April 2008 (708 KB)
October 2007 (1.14 MB)
April 2007 (864 KB) 

Below are corrections or clarifications to the April 2007 update to the CRC-CAA Implementation Manual. Please check this page often to see what has been added.
Attachment A: PTCS Duct Sealing in Existing Manufactured Homes, p.77: adds the word "SGC".
Retrofit PTCS Duct Sealing in SGC Manufactured Homes is not a cost-effective measure in HZ 1, and, therefore, it is not eligible for credit/reimbursement in HZ 1. (5/31/07). Johnson SGC Letter 11/07
Attachment A: New Industrial Construction, p.90: adds an exception for large lighting projects.
This change adds an exception for large (>100,000 kWh) lighting projects to be submitted as custom proposals for NEW as well as EXISTING industrial lighting-only projects.
Attachment A: Residential Sector, Air Source Heat Pumps, p.71: adds the phrase "effective October 1, 2007" to the second bullet.
This phrase clarifies that "Where a house does not have a substantial amount of ductwork in unconditioned space, the Heat Pump with Ducts Inside measure must be claimed (not applicable to heating zone 1," EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2007.   

October 2006

PDF Version (676 KB)
DOC Version (1.22 MB)

Policy Announcements and Clarifications
Customer Communication
Program Information
Conservation History

Post 2006 Conservation Proposal
Letter Announcing Availability of the CRC; Participation Agreement Attached (1/5/06)

Five Guiding Principles:

  • BPA will use the Northwest Power and Conservation Council plan to identify the agency's share of cost-effective conservation.
  • Most conservation will be pursued and achieved at the local level.
  • BPA will seek to meet its conservation goals at the lowest possible cost and lowest possible rate impact.
  • BPA will continue an appropriate level of funding for local administrative support to plan and implement conservation programs.
  • Although they often don't yield measurable savings, successful initiatives such as education, outreach, and low-income weatherization are important pieces of the conservation portfolio and should continue to be funded.