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For your convenience, BPA has collected all files associated with the Interim Solution 2.0 (IS 2.0). This list includes all of the calculators, tools and instructional documents related to the IS 2.0 invoicing process. To download files using Internet Explorer, right-click link and select "Save target as."
File Naming Tool 
UES Measures List
Version 8.0 (Effective 10/1/2019)
Version 7.1  (Effective 10/1/2018)
Version 7.2 (Effective 1/1/2019)
Version 7.3 (Effective 4/1/2019)
UES Measure Upload Template
Non-Residential Lighting Calculator
Lighting Calculator Version 4.0 (Effective 4/2/2018) 
Lighting Calculator Version 5.0 (Effective 4/1/2019) 
Energy Management Calculators
Small Compressed Air Calculator
Option 1 Custom Project Calculator
Option 1 Custom Project Calculator Version 4.12 (Updated 3/8/2018) - Can be used for projects completed prior to 10/1/2018
Option 1 Custom Project Calculator Version 4.13 (Updated 9/20/2018) – Use for projects starting and/or completing on or after 10/1/2018
Option 2 Custom Project Calculator
Version 3.13 is available in the Additional Documents area on your Customer Portal site under the Energy Efficiency tab (Updated 9/20/2018)
Climate Zones 
BPA Climate Zones (Effective 10/1/2017)
Pacific Northwest Heating Zones (Effective 10/1/2017)
Pacific Northwest Cooling Zones (Effective 10/1/2017)
Performance Payment
Progress Payment
Summarizer (Effective 4/5/2019)
Custom Programs