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Bonneville’s Emerging Technology program and Technology Innovation office offer funding opportunities for development and validation of energy-conserving technologies. BPA seeks to partner with others and advance emerging technologies and develop new energy conservation measures. This approach reduces duplication of efforts and frees up resources for other opportunities. Everyone then benefits by seeing more results in less time.
​Emerging Technology Field Tests

​BPA 's Emerging Technology Field Tests gather performance data of selected technologies with the goal of developing cost-effective energy efficiency incentive programs. BPA seeks to partner with its utility customers and test these technologies in Northwest Applications and determine suitability for future programs. If your organization is interested in any of these efforts, please contact us at More information is available in our FAQ. If you are a customer of Bonneville, you can also contact your Energy Efficiency Representative.

Current Field Tests

​Heat Pump Water Heaters ​​Active
Advanced Water Heating Alliance
  • ​Technology Innovation Model (coming soon)
  • Feasibility Assessment Template (coming soon)
  • M&V Templates (coming soon)
  • Reports (coming soon)
​Technology Innovation Research and Development Solicitation
​BPA's Technology Innovation initiative includes an annual cycle of funding based on strategic needs identified in the agency’s technology roadmaps. Each spring, Technology Innovation posts a funding opportunity announcement is posted for new projects here.
Research Partners