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Advanced power strips reduce electronic equipment energy use in commercial applications. BPA provides incentives for Tier 1 advanced power strips. These Tier 1 advanced power strips reduce the peripheral device energy use automatically when the computer isn’t being used. These power strips offer a great, low cost way for commercial customers to reduce plug loads and save money without major capital investments.

Update: BPA currently has a Tier 2 Residential power strip measure offering.  Tier 2 power strips save energy by sending sleep signals to devices like computers and entertainment systems when they sense inactivity.  Initial research in the commercial sector indicates relatively high variability in expected energy savings and technology cost.   BPA has decided to maintain a commercial Tier 1 power strip offering and not provide additional incentives for Tier 2 commercial power strips..  At this time, Tier 1 Commercial power strips  are the most viable technology  for broad adoption in the Commercial sector.
Tier 1, Smart Power Strips, are approved for Implementation. See BPA Energy Efficiency Implementation Manual for measure and program details. 
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