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​Changes in individual or organizational behavior and decision-making can substantially increase the efficiency of energy use. There is a substantial body of knowledge and experience associated with behavior change that is rooted in the social sciences. Waste management, healthcare and transportation industries have been applying behavior based approaches for some time. A wide range of products and services are now available that support or influence energy-conserving behavior. While the potential is significant, there is much to be learned about effective strategies and tactics to motivate consumers, persistence, and effective methods to evaluate the energy savings. In 2010, BPA set out to test several strategies for supporting energy-conserving behavior change strategy. BPA customers can use the custom program path's evaluated custom program track to seek approval and reimbursement for verified savings from BBEE programs.

Current Stage: Approved for Implementation. See BPA Energy Efficiency Implementation Manual and BPA’s Behavior-Based EE Programs page for measure and program details.
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