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Commercial HVAC Efficient Pumping Systems (CHEPS) for commercial buildings promise energy savings when replacing constant-speed pumps. CHEPS include integrated, variable-speed, HVAC-system pumps, and controls. Multiple manufacturers offer CHEPS, including Armstrong, Bell & Gossett, Grundfos and Taco. Suitable applications include HVAC pump systems with constant speed pumps that provide water for heating and cooling commercial buildings. Examples include, heating, chilled or condensing water pumps, where the existing pumps are constant speed. Facilities with longer hours of operation, such as hospitals or grocery stores, are good applications because of the higher expected savings.

With variable-speed pumping, savings go well beyond energy and include enhanced performance, improved reliability, and reduced life-cycle cost. For new projects, capital cost is reduced through the elimination of valves, starters, wiring, pneumatic lines, and smaller-diameter piping with bypass lines. Additionally, the use of VFDs permits the use of smaller pumps with lower-horsepower motors, ensuring a tangible bottom-line benefit for building owners.

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