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​Most existing generator block heaters depend on thermo-siphoning to maintain engine block temperatures. These heaters tend to have extreme temperature gradients across the engine block and in the coolant hoses. Due to these inefficiencies, thermo-siphon heaters run longer and use more electricity. A pumped block heater eliminates wasteful hot spots. Since coolant hoses are replaced when the pumped block heater is installed, this helps reduce the chance of brittle hoses bursting, ensuring the generator will run when needed. BPA research has shown that most generator block heaters (GBH) will use more electricity than they generate over their lifetime. Annual savings associated with a pumped block heater can be as high as $3,000, and maintenance costs may also be reduced. Savings depend on the size, location and operation of existing block heater.

Current Stage: Approved for Implementation. See BPA Energy Efficiency Implementation Manual for measure and program details.

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