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Packaged Terminal HP with Occupancy Control

Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps with Occupancy Control Field Test

Field tests were conducted in a hotel in Whitefish, Montana and a hotel in Spokane, Washington. These two field tests examined the change in electricity use for space heating and cooling after the addition of occupancy-based controls and replacement of existing equipment with packaged terminal heat pumps.
Five key factors of electricity use for space heating and cooling were identified: weather, occupancy rates, heating and cooling efficiency, hotel management practices, and temperature settings of room thermostats. This study found that management practices and behavior of cleaning staff were the greatest determinants of use. When the hotel staff regularly turned off HVAC equipment, automated controls for that purpose were not cost effective. In addition, the coefficient of performance and energy efficiency ratings of packaged, terminal heat pumps must have exceeded a minimum threshold to be a cost-effective replacement for packaged, terminal air conditioners.
Project Team
BPA: Erik Boyer, Jack Callahan, Mira Vowles
EMP2: David Frank
2009 - 2011