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​BPA is exploring a replacement package for roof top HVAC units that includes a variable-capacity heat pump, heat
recovery ventilator, and dedicated outside air system. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) units recover heat from exhaust air and efficiently provide code-required ventilation. The HRV unit sits on the roof, replacing the existing unit (RTU) and uses the existing ductwork. A variable-capacity heat pump system (ie. VRF, DHP, etc.) provides space heating and cooling. By separating ventilation from the heating and cooling system, early proof of concept work predicts HVAC savings between 40 and 80 percent. Good applications include buildings with long operating hours and varying occupancies.
In addition to the significantly lower energy use and peak power demand, additional benefits include improved indoor air quality, greater occupant comfort, simpler and less expensive maintenance (filter changes and HRV core cleaning), alarm notification capability, and greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Current Stage: Emerging Technology Assessment
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