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​Bonneville has partnered with U.S. Department of Energy and National Renewable Energy Laboratory to develop advanced tools for analysis of energy use by residential buildings in the Pacific Northwest. Our work focuses on two tools based on EnergyPlus, the Department of Energy's flagship simulation engine, and the OpenStudio platform.

BEopt™ (Building Energy Optimization) provides detailed simulation-based analysis of energy use by residential
buildings, based on specific house characteristics, such as size, architecture, occupancy, vintage, location, and utility rates. BEopt can be used to analyze new construction and existing home retrofits, as well as single-family detached and multi-family buildings, through evaluation of single building designs, parametric sweeps, and cost-based optimizations. Bonneville has worked with NREL to calibrate BEopt to results of a recent assessment of the Northwest residential building stock.

ResStock was developed for analysis of energy use by the residential building stock at national, regional, or local levels. ResStock brings together the use of large public and private data sets, statistical sampling, detailed sub-hourly building energy simulations, and high-performance computing resources. Bonneville worked with NREL to develop capability to identify cost-optimal efficiency packages and calibrate the tool to the specific characteristics of the Northwest residential building stock. Additional work is planned to enhance user interface and introduce the tool to key users in the Northwest.

Current Stage: Approved for Implementation

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