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BPA Demand Response Potential Study - 2018

In 2017, BPA contracted with Cadmus Group LLC to conduct 1) a demand response (DR) potential assessment (megawatts of achievable potential and cost curves for 14 DR products) in BPA's public power service territory, 2) a study of barriers to DR and mitigation strategies, and 3) an elasticity study to understand how varying incentive levels paid to end-use consumers affect DR participation rates. This set of studies was completed in the first quarter of 2018. 


BPA EN Summer 2017 DR Demonstration Final Report and Appendix (February 2018)
2017 Distributed Energy Resources Benchmarking Report (February 2018)
2016 Distributed Energy Resources Benchmarking Report (February 2017)
2016 Energy Northwest DR Demonstration Final Report (October 2016)
Utility Brownbag on Distributed Energy Resources (October 2016)
Demand Response Fact Sheet 
Pacific Northwest Demand Response Project (PNDRP)
ERCOT: A Critical Examination of ISO-Sponsored Demand Response Programs

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