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Why Evaluation Brownbag Highlights & Presentation (3/2016)

Evaluation Playbook (5/2018) New

 Quarterly Evaluation Project Updates

Evaluation Project Updates:New9/2018, 6/20182/2018, 10/2017, 7/2017, 1/2017, 10/2016, 7/2016

​Evaluation Publications

Brown Bag: Feb. 7, 2019- BPA 2019 HVAC Impact Evaluation Brownbag Presentation​​ (2/2019)New

Impact Evaluation of Ductless Heat Pumps and Prescriptive Duct Sealing Presentation & Draft Report (9/2018) New

2018 Process Evaluation Results Presentation & Slidedoc (6/2018) New

2017 Delivery Verification Results and Findings Presentation, Final Report & BPA Response Memo (5/2018) New

Billing Analysis of Select Weatherization & HVAC Measures Highlights, Presentation, Final Report, & BPA Response Memo (3/2018) New

Evaluability Assessment for the BPA Commercial SEM Pilot Program (8/2017) 

Uncertainty Approaches and Analyses for Regression Models and ECAM (8/2017) 

Ductless Heat Pump Electric Forced Air Furnace Participant Survey Brown Bag Presentation (6/2017)

Impact Evaluation Site-Specific Portfolio Highlights, PresentationFinal Report & BPA Response Memo (04/2017)

Draft 2017 Impact Evaluation Plan Presentation & Report (3/2017)

Industrial Strategic Energy Management Impact Evaluation HighlightsPresentation, Final Report & BPA Response Memo (2/2017)

Residential Lighting UES Impact Evaluation Highlights, Presentation, Final Report and BPA Response Memo (2/2017)

Background Research:  Real Time Evaluation, Measurement and Verification Strategy Considerations (1/2017)

Simple Steps Process Evaluation Highlights, Presentation, Final Report & Program Response to Evaluation (9/2016)

Clark PUD Home Energy Reports Program ReportPresentation & Highlights (7/2016)

QSSI + 2016 Strategy (12/2015)

Impact Evaluation Site-Specific Portfolio Highlights, Presentation & Final Report (11/2015)  

Energy Smart Grocer Impact Evaluation (10/2013)

​Evaluation Plans

2017 Impact Evaluation Plan Kickoff Brown Bag Webinar, Final Plan, Background Presentation (4/2017) New

DRAFT FOR REVIEW: UES Impact Evaluation Plan for 2017 Presentation & Draft Plan (2/2017) New

April12, 2016 Kickoff Meeting for UES Evaluation Presentation (4/2016)

UES Impact Evaluation Plan for 2016 Highlights, Presentation & Final Plan (4/2016)

Impact Evaluation Plan for the Site-Specific Savings Portfolio (12/2013)