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Agriculture and SIS Portfolio of Work (June 30, 2017)​

BPA Agriculture Market Study Final Report (2016)

A Study of Irrigation Scheduling Practices in the Northwest. Quantec, LLC (December, 2003)

A Study of Irrigation Scheduling Practices in the Northwest Phase II: Measurement of Water and Electricity Impacts (June 30, 2005)

Evaluation of Bonneville Power Administration's Scientific Irrigation Scheduling Program
Process Evaluation of the Bonneville Power Administration Irrigation Scheduling Program. (The Impact Evaluation is found in Appendix E.) J. Jennings. ERC Environmental and Energy Services, Co. ERCE/PO-49. (1/90)
Empirical Impact Evaluation of the Energy Savings Resulting From BPA's Stage II Irrigation System Retrofit Program. B. Harrer, J. Tawil, A. Lyke, E. Edin, L. Nieves, B. Bailey. PNL. (7/87)
Process Evaluation of BPA's Irrigated Agriculture Conservation Program. Edward Tabakin and Brian Newton, Minimax Research Corporation. DE-AC79-85BP21256. (10/86)