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​BPA Energy Efficiency Quick Start Utility Guide

The BPA Energy Efficiency Quick Start Utility Guide is a resource for utility staff who are new to the world of EE. The Guide offers information on how to do business with, and get the most from, the BPA Energy Efficiency program. It also serves as a convenient reference for seasoned professionals who want to brush up on procedures or unfamiliar aspects of the program.

The Guide can be viewed online, or can be printed for use as a hard-copy desk reference.

​New Opportunities Guides
Case for Conservation

​An examination of the regional, utility, and consumer perspectives of the economic impact of energy efficiency.


Conduit ( is a web-based resource that facilitates file-sharing, coordination and collaboration among energy efficiency professionals in the Northwest.

EE Financial Assistance Application
EE Maximization Tool
BPA has developed the EE Maximization tool to allow for a quantitative comparison of various measures to help our customers to maximize the effectiveness of their energy efficiency portfolio. It is our hope that the EE Maximization Tool can act as a guide for our utility customers to best allocate their conservation dollars in terms of maximizing kWh saved and or maximizing reimbursements.
Residential Segmentation

The research allows BPA and its customer utilities to understand residential customer decision making related to energy efficiency. The research results will facilitate development of appropriate marketing and messaging.​

Six Going On Seven

​The goal of Six Going on Seven is to collect regional savings achievements from 2010-2012 to facilitate discussion during the development of the Council's 7th Power Plan. Over the past few months, BPA has collected and analyzed this regional data and we are now excited to share the results of this effort with the region.

2021 Power Plan Engagement

Every five years the Northwest Power and Conservation Council updates their regional Power Plan. BPA is engaging with the Council and staff during the development of the Plan by conducting analysis and providing input on energy efficiency conservation potential and targets. This site contains technical analysis, presentations and communications related to BPA’s work on the Power Plan.

Utility Sounding Board

​The USB was created to inform BPA on the implementation of energy efficiency programs throughout BPA’s service territory. The USB is an entity reflective of the many diverse public utilities, cooperatives and municipalities engaged in energy efficiency.