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Quarterly Business Review

More information and historic documents can be found under our Financial Overview section.


The Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is an ongoing forum that started in November of 2008, and continues quarterly. The meetings focus on BPA's finances with a review of current fiscal year actual financial results compared to financial forecasts such as start-of-year target, as well as other current agency topics. At these meetings BPA will also report on how actual spending compares to rate case assumptions.

The QBR provides updates on proposed capital projects in order to provide more visibility on capital budgets and opportunity for stakeholder input. The QBR agendas will be made available several weeks prior to the meeting in order to better inform potential participants

Meeting materials, including standard financial reports, will be available to participants on the Financial Overview website prior to the meetings. This forum could also be used to make customers aware of emerging circumstances that could affect rates. In the past, meetings have included discussions about Operational Excellence initiatives, updates on capital projects, and current hydro conditions. These discussions also will be used to focus on long-term cost trends, improvements due to Operational Excellence, and implications for both expense and capital programs. QBR participants are encouraged to participate in other relevant processes on emerging issues as they develop and in which BPA is taking comment. However, if there is no other public form in process, then BPA will engage with QBR participants for follow-up discussion, if any is warranted. 

What to Expect
  • QBR Meetings will take place in Portland via phone, video or online conferencing available to regional participants.
  • QBR Meetings take place at the end of every quarter. Meeting material and financial reports will be available on the BPA website for those who cannot attend the meetings.

Get Finance Related Information Directly 

BPA is now offering external stakeholders an opportunity to sign up for BPA’s Finance "Master Blaster", an email providing notification of upcoming finance related public processes, scheduled meetings and recently published material. If you would like to sign up please email with subject line enroll or contact Amy Attinasi at 503-230-5662.

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