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Middle Fork John Day River Stream Restoration Project
Grant County, Oregon
The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is proposing to fund the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to implement a stream restoration project on land owned in fee-title by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in Grant County, Oregon.  This project description explains what is being proposed, outlines our environmental review process and schedule, and requests your comments.  BPA is proposing to restore habitat and stream function on a segment of the Middle Fork John Day River.  The project is a continuation of an ongoing stream restoration targeting river reaches named Vincent to Caribou Phase 2 and Vincent to Vinegar Project.  The proposed work will include removal of a portion of the Sumpter Valley Railway Middle Fork Spur, a National Register listed railroad grade, reconnecting alcoves and side channels to reactivate the floodplain, removal of rip rap and rock barbs, placement of large woody debris, and riparian planting.  Project work is intended to increase the complexity of instream and riparian habitat along this stretch of the river.  
To understand the potential environmental impacts of this proposal, BPA will prepare an environmental review.  The review will describe anticipated impacts to natural and human resources and include mitigation measures that would help avoid or minimize impacts.  We are asking for your comments to help determine the issues that should be addressed. During this process, BPA will work with federal, state and local agencies, Tribes, potentially affected landowners, and other interest groups.  The proposed schedule for the environmental review process is as follows:
​Scoping comment period
Environmental review completed
Implementation begins
​March 25, 2019 thru April 25, 2019
Spring 2019
Summer 2019
The CX was completed in June of 2019. You can find the CX on the website here:
For environmental information, contact:
Luca De Stefanis
Environmental Protection Specialist EC-4
Motus, LLC
Bonneville Power Administration
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR 97208-3621

Toll-Free:  800-622-4519
Direct Line:  503-230-5263

For project information, contact:
Tim Ludington
Fish and Wildlife Administrator- EWM-4
Bonneville Power Administration
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR 97208-3621

Toll-Free:  800-622-4519
Direct Line:  503-230-4988

Public Letter                (03/25/2019)
Project Map                 (03/25/2019)
Comment Form           (03/25/2019)