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Wallacut River Confluence Estuary Restoration (DOE/EA-2006/SA-02)
Pacific County, Washington

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has decided to fund habitat restoration along the Wallacut River in Pacific County, Washington.

Columbia Land Trust will conduct the restoration actions along the Wallacut River at its confluence with the Columbia River, approximately one-and-a-half miles northeast of Ilwaco, Washington.  The project area historically had tidally-influenced wetlands and tidal channels.  At some point in the late 19th or early 20th century, a levee was constructed along the Wallacut River and ditches and tidegates were installed to drain the area.    

The restoration actions include the removal of a levee and ditches, excavation of channels, invasive plant species control, and planting of native vegetation.  The restoration will improve habitat for 13 Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed salmon and steelhead species and ESA-listed eulachon (smelt), as well as other fish species and wildlife species. 

Environmental Review:
BPA analyzed the potential impacts of the proposal as required under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  To ensure consideration of potential environmental impacts of the project, BPA prepared a supplement analysis to the Columbia Estuary Ecosystem Restoration Project Environmental Assessment (Programmatic Estuary EA). The Programmatic Estuary EA analyzed the environmental impacts anticipated for restoration projects within the Columbia River Estuary, with the intent of facilitating and streamlining future site-specific project reviews.
As part of the supplement analysis, BPA sent letters in March 2016 to potentially affected landowners, federal, state, and local agencies, tribes, and interest groups that explained the project and requested comments; nineteen comments were received. Based on these comments, which primarily focused on flood risk and water movement, hydraulic modeling comparing existing site conditions to those if the proposed project were to be constructed was completed. Additionally, BPA held a public meeting in Ilwaco, WA on August 4, 2016, to discuss the project and the preliminary results of the hydraulic modeling.

Using the public input and consideration of potential environmental impacts, BPA completed the supplement analysis (SA), confirming that the restoration actions of the Wallacut project are consistent with the Programmatic Estuary EA and that no further NEPA doacumentation is required.

Public comment period
NEPA Analysis and Documentation
If decision to build, construction start

For environmental information, contact:
Dave Goodman
Environmental Protection Specialist
Bonneville Power Administration - ECF-4
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR  97208-3621

For project information, contact:
Anne Creason
Project Manager
Bonneville Power Administration - EWL-4
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR  97208-3621

March 2, 2016 through April 4, 2016
March 2, 2016 through August 11, 2016
Summer 2016

Toll-free:     800-622-4519
Direct line:  503-230-4764

Toll-free:     800-622-4519
Direct line:  503-230-3859


Public Letter                             (08/11/2016)
Supplement Analysis                 (08/10/2016)
Wallacut Final Design Report      (06/03/2016)

Additional Scoping:
Public Letter                     (07/19/2016)

First Scoping:
Scoping comments received
Public Letter                     (03/02/2016)
Public Notification Map       (01/25/2016)
Conceptual Design Map     (02/08/2016)
Comment Form                 (03/02/2016)