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Contract Checklist
What has to happen before I can begin work under my BPA contract?

If your project has never had a BPA contract before, you will be assigned a Contracting Officer (CO), a Project Manager (PM), and a Contracting Officer's Representative (COR). The PM and COR may be the same person. To better understand the roles of these individuals, refer to the Bonneville Purchasing Instructions, Appendix 6-A Section 2). Renewing projects usually keep the same Contracting Officer, Project Manager, and COR from year to year, although the contract number may be new for each contract performance period (usually 12 months).

  • You will submit a Statement of Work (SOW) in Pisces, including an attached line item budget.
  • Your project will undergo environmental compliance review.
  • Once all of the above steps are complete, you will be offered a contract by BPA. When both you and BPA have signed the contract, you may begin work. If you need to start work before you have signed the BPA contract, please contact your BPA Contracting Officer.

In the past year, BPA has abandoned the practice of contract renewal in favor of issuing a new contract for each new performance period. A typical contract performance period is twelve months, though longer and shorter durations are possible

If you have an existing contract and need to modify the scope or budget for your current performance period, you will most likely need to follow some of the steps outlined below (i.e. submitting an updated Statement of Work and budget) so that BPA can issue you a contract amendment. Please see the Contract Changes page for information.

Determining the Agreement Type
Contractors may request a specific agreement type from their BPA Contracting Officer (CO), who has ultimate authority for choosing the agreement type for each project proposal. To understand which agreement type may be most appropriate for your work, see the Agreement Type Primer. Contractors should also check with their own contracting experts to determine what kind of contractual relationships are allowed by their organization. 

Preparing the Statement of Work (SOW)
All Fish and Wildlife program SOWs must be prepared in Pisces using work elements. To understand how work elements compare with an objective/task format, please see the following example, which shows the same Statement of Work in both objective/task format and in work elements format.

The draft SOW must be entered in Pisces 90 calendar days before the new contract is expected to begin. Before you submit the SOW, run the SOW Validation report (click the "SOW Validation Results" hyperlink on the SOW tab within Pisces) to make sure you've provided all of the necessary information.  

Preparing the Contract Budget
The contract budget is made up of two items: the line item budget (see template below), which is submitted directly to the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), and the budget estimate by work element, which is entered into Pisces at the time of Statement of Work creation.

  • Sample Line Item Budget
    Note: Contractors may use the sample above as a template for preparing their contract line item budgets. This template contains formulas and suggested line items that may be modified to meet individual needs, and includes a separate tab showing the level of detail required for subcontractor estimates. Contact your COR if you are unsure which line items are required for your contract. [Click here for BPA guidance on detail required for subcontract budgets.
Preparing a Property Inventory
Inventories should be included with new contracts. In general, anything purchased under a BPA contract that has (or should have) a property tag should be included in the inventory. Capital and sensitive equipment must be included and tracked. Consult the Bonneville Purchasing Instructions (BPI) Property Management Procedures for Contractors for more guidance.
You may use the following example to assist you:

Environmental Review
As a Federal agency, BPA is subject to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA) and other Federal laws. BPA's Environmental Compliance staff reviews every BPA contract prior to award of funds to ensure that it complies with all applicable Federal environmental regulations.