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​Habitat Improvement
This category comprises a broad range of activities designed to improve fish and wildlife habitat. Some of the work elements below describe instream activities, but the vast majority are terrestrial. The installation or removal of structures to aid fish passage are covered by the Instream Passage Improvement work elements. When acquiring water to improve instream flow, use the Water Conservation and Irrigation Practices or Water Transactions work elements.

Note Information for work elements is now available at Links below to specific work element background pages will take you directly to the pages.

The Habitat Improvement work elements are:
29. Increase Instream Habitat Complexity
30. Realign, Connect, and/or Create Channel
33. Decommission Road/Relocate Road
34. Develop Alternative Water Source
35. Develop Pond
36. Develop Terrestrial Habitat Features
38. Improve Road
40. Install Fence
44. Enhance Nutrients Instream
47. Plant Vegetation
48. Practice No-Till and Conservation Tillage Systems
52. Remove Mine Tailings
53. Remove Vegetation
55. Erosion and Sedimentation Control
180. Enhance Floodplain/Remove, Modify, Breach Dike
181. Create, Restore, and/or Enhance Wetland
190. Remove, Exclude and/or Relocate Animals

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